Producer, musician, singer, and entrepreneur of Memphis, TN. Founder and CEO of ZMuzik Productions and Records where he is actively working on his life long vision to “Bring Passion Back To The Industry One Tune At A Time.” The current artists he is working with are 5 unique individuals within 3 varied genres of music.  He created ZMuzik Records to provide a platform for independent and extremely talented artists that would not normally get an opportunity to be heard or can afford to pay for studio services.
Being raised in the church, Zandra began playing the organ and directing the choir as early as age seven. His talents lead his parents to begin his study of music in elementary school. His talents, quite impressive to his music teacher, directed him to Colonial Jr. High School where he entered the choir and began to study theory and different genres of music. There he learned to read sheet music, performed with the All West Tennessee Jr. High Honors Chorus comprised of the best students in the West Tennessee region, and his talents lead him to audition for Overton High School of the performing arts concert choir and was accepted.
Zandra was introduced to even more styles of music at Overton and participated in 6 of the 8 choirs there. He participated in Grammy’s In the School Jazz Choir, Solo and Ensemble, All State Honors Chorus in Tennessee, was one of the 12 vocalists in the jazz ensemble for 3 years, section leader of the tenor section, and vocally trained and coached numerous students and classmates. He also had the pleasure of working with award winning musicians and conductors such as Moses Hogan, Dr. Lulah Hedgeman, Tim Goodwin, Joyce Cobb, Richard Smallwood, and Orlanda Draper to name a few. 
Post high school, Zandra continued his musical studies professionally at the University of Memphis in the Music Education Department. There he had a full performance schedule with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Leo Davis, and others within the city. To further his technical expertise and enhance his desire to be more technically skilled in music production, he went on to study Information Systems at Strayer University. 
His perfected music genius can now be found in Memphis, TN where he is building musical dreams through music production and vocal coaching. There is no limit to what this southern gentleman has to offer to the music industry. He has a trained ear, a burning passion, and a love for any and everything that is MUSIC!
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