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Mainstream Sites
iTunes iTunes – Sell your music on iTunes, the world’s biggest and most popular music store. Be on sale within 48 hours, sell music on pre-release in ALL iTunes worldwide.
iTunes Google Play – Sell and stream your music on the hottest new download service by the world's biggest online company
iTunes Amazon On Demand – Sell physical CD copies of your music without needing to pay for presing. Fans order online, the CD is made and posted out to them
Amazon Amazon – Amazon is the second largest retailer in the world. Sell your music on the Amazon mp3 store and via Android.
Rhapsody Rhapsody – Rhapsody is a very popular US-based subscription service. Your music will be avauilable on mobile networks, home audio and desktop devices.
Medianet Medianet – Select Medianet to sell your music on multiple top stores such as Tesco Digital, iLike, MOG, iMesh, Pasito Tunes and many more – all for one price.
7Digital 7Digital - 7Digital is the second largest retailer in the UK and enable you to sell in 19 stores across the globe.

Streaming Sites

Spotify Spotify – Spotify is the most popular streaming service in the world. Ditto Music have contracts in place to sell your music in all Spotify stores across Europ, in the U.S. and via the iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Spotify are integrated with Facebook, meaning you can promote your music and spread it virally to 800 Million Facebook users.
Rdio Rdio – Rdio is an ad-free music subscription service available to most of the world. Your music will be available online and via mobile devices. Fantastic promotion and a great place to be discovered by new fans.
JB Hi-Fi Now JB Hi-Fi Now – JB Hi-Fi Now - Subscription based music streaming service for non-portable and portable devices operating within Australia. JB Hi-Fi is the largest home entertainment retailer in Australia and their streaming model JB HiFi Now, launched in Dec 2011, is the largest Australian based streaming service.
Rdio Muve Music by Cricket –Stream your music to 7 Million mobile users in the USA
We7 We7 – we7 offer a popular free streaming platform online and via an iPhone and Android app. Ditto Music partner with we7 to offer £10,000 worth of promotion for the winner. Choose we7 to be considered for this amazing prize.
I Heart Radio iHeartRadio – iHeartRadio offer a unique social networking platform where fans can build their own radio stations featuring your music then share with their friends. The service is available online, via mobile and PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox live.
Qriocity Sony Qriocity – Qriocity by Sony streams your music to PC, Android, PS3, PSP, Sony Tablets and BRAVIA. Reach more fans by targeting a much ignored market.
Simfy Simfy – Simfy could be called a Spotify for Germany, where they allow full free streaming. Expand your fan base to Germany with this amazing service.
Grooveshark Grooveshark – Grooveshark is all about recommending great new music like yours to friends and networks. The service boasts a huge user base – all looking for great new music.
Grooveshark Deezer –Streaming service available in 130 countries and partnered with Orange and T-Mobile (UK), Belgacom (Belgium, Thomson and Nissan (motors)
mFlow mFlow – mFlow offer an easy way to listen free music and share quickly with Facebook and Twitter friends. Fans get rewarded for sharing your music to encourage them.
Zvooq Zvooq – Zvooq is a music discovery engine based in Russia that lets you set up fan pages and update them. Zvooq are making a real dent in piracy in Russia.
Slacker Slacker Radio – Slacker is based around a community of a music lovers and professional DJs who build and listen to their own radio station playlists.  The service is available on the web, mobile devices and smartphones and more.  Slacker is only available in the US and Canada
Slacker Zik – This streaming service is only of it's kind to focus on Quebec, providing a rich catalogue of French and English music.  If you are looking to widen out your fan base then ZIk is the obvious choice.

RaRa – Ad-free, curated on-demand subscription service. Cross-platform, available on any internet connected computer or mobile device.
Mobile Networks
AT&T AT&T – Make your music available to 96 Million AT&T mobile/cell users via their new music platform.
Wimp WiMP – WiMP is the most popular streaming service in Norway. If you’re from Scandinavia or just want to promote your music there then get on board.
Nokia Nokia – Nokia offer a great music download service and are one of the most well-known mobile retailers.
Eircom Eircom – Sell your music via Ireland’s largest mobile network carrier, Eircom.
BlackBerry Messenger BBM Music – makes your music available to over 70 Million users worldwide. Users share playlists with their Blackberry contacts, comment and immerse your music into their social experience. This is yet another store that only Ditto Music are offering to independent artists and labels

Specialist Sites

eMusic eMusic – eMusic is the favourite place to buy fresh new Indie music. Fans mainly buy albums and are more committed to new music and supporting bands like you.
AT&T Beatport – The biggest dance site in the world offering a boutique of only the finest selections.
AT&T Amalgam Digital – Amalgam are the most popular hip-hop retailer in the world hailed by The Source magazine as having ‘it’s finger on the pulse of Hip-Hop’s future. Amalgam promote new exciting music like yours.
AT&T Juno – The second biggest dance retailer in the world, covering all genres and promoting great new music.
FargoTube Track It Down – Long-standing dance site covering everything from dubstep to deep house and everything in between.
FargoTube Audio Jelly – UK-based retailer covering trance, D&B, progressive, tribal and loads more.
FargoTube Dance Tunes – Gret mp3 dance site covering all genres
FargoTube Stompy – This online dance retailer is a boutique store providing high-quality singles and mixes to the best House DJs across the world.  This store is by approval only, email after upload.

European Sites

24/7 24/7 Entertainment – 24/7 run 27 download and web stores for top brands all across Europe. Names include, 3Austria, Weltblid and many more. Sell and promote your music in 27 stores for one price.
basepoint Basepoint Media – Basepoint run 71 web and mobile stores across mainland Europe and Scandinavia.
121 121 Music – 121 Music are a pan-European music download service which promote your music via a Music Mag, Blog and Web Radio.
Beezik Beezik – Promote your music in France with the amazing innovative site, Beezik. Fans watch an advert and download for free – great promotion.
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